We accept your waste

We respond to the global waste management needs of businesses and individuals.

We support recycling

We give a second life to your waste, transforming it into raw materials and products, carrying out reuse, sorting, and recycling.

We are a certified company

We invest in the continuous improvement of all processes, in order to ensure the proper quality of our products and services.


  • Responsiveness

    Our integration into a group of companies whose mission is to transform waste and products into raw materials allows us to benefit from the concentration of such activities, guaranteeing a rapid response to the client.

  • Prevention

    Total commitment to ensure that all employees and all those who collaborate with us are provided with all the safety, hygiene and health conditions in the workplace.

  • Personalized Service

    We have a technical-commercial team that provides personalized client service.

  • Diversity and adaptability

    Great availability of efficient equipment, services and solutions that are economically more viable and developed according to the needs of each client.

  • Commitment

    We ensure the confidentiality, integrity and protection of all our customers and suppliers' information.

  • Staff

    Vast and specialized technical team, with many years of experience in creating solutions for the client.

Alternative Resolution of Consumer Disputes (RAL)


he National Center for Information and Arbitration of Consumer Disputes (CNIACC), with the website www.cniacc.pt and the Automotive Sector Arbitration Center (CASA), with the website www.arbitragemauto.pt.

  • TRANSUCATAS - Soluções Ambientais, S.A.

  • Certified Company

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  • Sorting, Tratment and Recycling

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